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in music: see bellbell,
in music, a percussion instrument consisting of a hollow metal vessel, often cup-shaped with an outward-flaring rim, damped at one end and set into vibration by a blow from a clapper within or from a hammer without.
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1. an individual bell or the sound it makes when struck
2. the machinery employed to sound a bell in this way
3. a percussion instrument consisting of a set of vertical metal tubes of graduated length, suspended in a frame and struck with a hammer


2, chimb, chine
the projecting edge or rim of a cask or barrel


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In addition to asking that all defendants account for profits and disgorge those from fiduciary breaches (or participation in those breaches) and prohibited transactions, the DOL is asking for Chimes and FCE defendants to restore any losses to the plan.
One visitor from Southampton said: "The downside of being at the front (of the hotel) was the traffic noise and the hourly chimes - both of these factors are out of the hotel's control and the latter didn't wake us and was actually quite quaint.
The source further pointed out that these Teiber Lighting collection of unique and attractive illuminated doorbell, door chimes and touch buttons are great home accessories that will put home owners on the designer's path to an illuminated home life.
Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral rang out its bells to celebrate Chime Management's first anniversary.
And a glance up at the spotless faces confirmed what the chimes were saying - the clock was 15 minutes fast.
2 Mount the transmitter next to your existing doorbell chimes.
It stopped five years ago and the hourly chimes had not been heard for 30 years.
Cafe Chimes Cookbook is vegan-friendly (there are vegetarian recipes, some of which can be made vegan by substituting vegan cheese.
To make the most of the full Feng Shui experience, the wind chimes should be hung in front of the main door of your home.
While all those depicted spoke to the new vision Chimes was seeking, it was Jarry, the great synthesizer of reality and imagination, who cast the longest shadow over the artist's future work.
Hence his attempt to replicate the musical sounds of the forest with chimes made from wood parts.
Unique collaboration continues between Chimes, Washington Gas Energy Services and BITHENERGY to provide a reliable, cost-effective, eco-friendly source of electricity for nonprofit agency