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in music: see bellbell,
in music, a percussion instrument consisting of a hollow metal vessel, often cup-shaped with an outward-flaring rim, damped at one end and set into vibration by a blow from a clapper within or from a hammer without.
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1. an individual bell or the sound it makes when struck
2. the machinery employed to sound a bell in this way
3. a percussion instrument consisting of a set of vertical metal tubes of graduated length, suspended in a frame and struck with a hammer


2, chimb, chine
the projecting edge or rim of a cask or barrel


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Mourners said they would "dramatically reduce" the number of chimes in return for keeping other decorations, after new rules meant all would be scrapped.
A coalition of eight Christian churches and two Jewish synagogues in the North Hollywood area will present the group's annual service Wednesday, hosted this year at Congregational Church of the Chimes in Sherman Oaks.
I can't believe anyone could be so sick, so sad to complain about wind chimes in a cemetery.