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Towel Pulls: These are simply chin-ups performed with the use of towels (photo 9).
The candidates would have to fulfill some requirements including he must be under 19 years of age, Pakistani nationality, he has to pass fitness test in which 50 metre running, 10 push-ups, long jump and six chin-ups and they also have to pass fielding test.
My dad put a bar across my bedroom door and made my do chin-ups before I was allowed out every day.
There they decided that what they really needed to do was to perform chin-ups using the rugby posts' crossbar.
From squats, chin-ups, swimming a mile and press-ups, every few weeks I will choose a handful of indicator exercises and test to see how many reps I can do, how much easier they feel or how much faster I have become at recovering from them.
Thirty chin-ups are not going to protect your chin.
Statewide, roughly one in three students passed all of the California Physical Fitness tests, which measure the youngsters' ability to run and perform chin-ups and crunches, officials said.
Although I can't do any cardio vascular training at the moment, I can do a bit of upper body work and chin-ups in the gym," he said.
2 seconds in the 40-yard dash, 50 push-ups in one minute and 12 chin-ups.
Comedian Harry Hill narrates a special family edition of the show, including a hamster doing chin-ups.
I can dead-lift 120kg, and should be able to do 20 consecutive chin-ups in a couple of weeks' time.
A Canadian soldier does chin-ups at Ma'sum Ghar base in southern Afghanistan