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chinch bug,

small North American bugbug,
common name correctly applied to insects belonging to the order Hemiptera, although members of the order Homoptera (e.g., mealybug) are sometimes referred to as bugs, as are other insects in general.
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, Blissus leucopterus, of the seed bug family. It feeds on small grains, corn, and other grasses, sucking the plant juices and doing much damage to crops, particularly in the Midwest. The adults, about 1/8 in. (3.5 mm) long, have black bodies with black and white wings, red legs, and red spots at the bases of the antennae. Both long- and short-winged forms occur. There are two generations a year. The adults overwinter in sheltered places, emerging in spring to feed on early maturing grains, such as wheat and oats. They lay their eggs on the bases of the grasses or in the ground, and the nymphs, or larvae (see insectinsect,
invertebrate animal of the class Insecta of the phylum Arthropoda. Like other arthropods, an insect has a hard outer covering, or exoskeleton, a segmented body, and jointed legs. Adult insects typically have wings and are the only flying invertebrates.
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), emerge in about a week. Red when they emerge, the nymphs mature in five stages, turning gray or brown. They feed on the same grasses as their parents. When they reach the adult stage, in about six weeks, they migrate on foot to later-maturing grains, such as corn, which are still tender; there they lay the eggs that give rise to the second generation of the season. The bedbugbedbug,
any of the small, blood-sucking bugs of the family Cimicidae, which includes about 30 species distributed throughout the world. Bedbugs are flat-bodied, oval, reddish brown, and about 1-4 in. (6 mm) long.
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, a member of a different bug family, is sometimes called chinch in the South. Chinch bugs are classified in the phylum ArthropodaArthropoda
[Gr.,=jointed feet], largest and most diverse animal phylum. The arthropods include crustaceans, insects, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, scorpions, and the extinct trilobites.
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, class Insecta, order Hemiptera, family Lygaeidae.
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Chinch bugs are of special concern along the Interstate 4 corridor in Florida, where chinch bugs have developed resistance to insecticides in the pyrethroid class of chemistry.
Resistance to two classes of insecticides in southern chinch bugs (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae).
The egg parasite Eumicrosoma benefica Gahan is the only known parasite of southern chinch bugs in Florida.
The Central Florida region has received substantial amounts of rain recently, and chinch bugs prefer drier weather.
A review of host resistance in turfgrasses to insects and acarines with emphasis on the southern chinch bug, pp.
lawn, chinch bugs hatch; be sure to water heavily to counteract their
It protects the crop against early season damage and stand loss caused by cutworms, wireworms, seed corn maggots, white grubs, chinch bugs, flea beetles and numerous other pests.
01 Pair / 01 Set) of SKF 7220 BECBM Single row angular contact Ball Bearing for KBL make UP 350/54 type Pump at Chinch Bunder pumping station in B ward under A.
This is also very important to ward off the harmful chinch bugs, which can quickly kill areas of St.
The first fireflies around your house mean that rose chafers and two-spotted spider mites, Eastern tent caterpillars, bean leaf beetles, cucumber beetles, ticks, chiggers, corn borers, Japanese beetles, potato leaf hoppers and chinch bugs are all up to no good.