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Ajami also said ATIC is open to acquisitions beyond the contract chip manufacturing business to strengthen its position in the semiconductor business.
The 100 millionth SiGe chip was produced at IBM's Burlington, Vermont facility, the company's primary chip manufacturing site and exclusive IBM SiGe production facility, and was delivered to Tektronix (NYSE:TEK), a world leader in advanced test, measurement and monitoring equipment.
This combination extends significantly ASML capabilities to support the semiconductor industry as our complementary technologies can enhance further the efficiency of chip manufacturing," said Eric Meurice, president and CEO of ASML.
In standard transistors, electricity travels horizontally, so shortening the path requires that the transistor be made thinner -- an increasingly difficult task with diminishing returns using today's chip manufacturing techniques.
The new Hong Kong hub is designed to improve network access to the burgeoning chip manufacturing industry in Asia-Pacific.
Using Infineon's broad experience in microcontrollers, intellectual property and advanced chip manufacturing technologies, core-based designs can be optimized for specific system requirements.
Ultimately, they hope to apply what they learn from the insects to computer chip manufacturing and the assembly of microelectromechanical systems (SN: 7/26/97, p.
As leading-edge chip manufacturing moves from the 90nm node down to 65nm and 45nm designs, it is becoming evident that design-related or systematic defects are becoming increasingly the limiter of chip yield and time-to-market.