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see podiatrypodiatry
, science concerned with disorders, diseases, and deformities of the feet, also called chiropody. Podiatrists treat such common conditions as bunions, corns and calluses, and ingrown toenails.
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Laura Dicken, who owns Podology in Saltburn, says it offers "a fusion of chiropody and beauty," "We do the chiropody treatment first which is done by a qualified chiropodist/podiatrist," says Laura, who has 10 years' experience as a podiatrist.
The company announced yesterday that it was pulling out of dentistry, chiropody, laser hair-removal and laser eye correction in an attempt to focus on its Boots The Chemists and Boots Opticians operations.
Sports injury experts are also on hand and chiropody sessions are on offer as well as a chiropractor to check spine and back conditions.
It is used to house a range of services such as sexual health, dental, chiropody, occupational health, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy as well as the Ellerslie child development centre.
On Christmas Day last year the charity fed 145 homeless people, provided overnight accommodation for more than 100 guests and also offered haircuts, chiropody, dental treatment and clothing.
It will also include community services such as chiropody, speech and language therapy, a rapid response team, midwifery and family planning teams, and a child development team.
The purpose-built building will provide a new home for three GP practices and a range of community services, including chiropody, minor surgery and sexual health.
Drew's business operates from Norton clinic, which offers a holistic health and well-being service with the Norton Physiotherapy practice supported by practitioners in sports therapy, podiatry and chiropody, hypnotherapy, holistic massage and counselling.
The move could involve it selling mobility products, offering specialist services such as chiropody and physiotherapy, and launching a local 'Ability Centre'
The move is a U-turn for Boots, which abandoned previous attempts to cash in on its healthy image by offering services such as chiropody and dentistry.