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(chemical engineering)
The apparatus used in chlorinating.



an apparatus for discharging chlorine gas and preparing its aqueous solution (chlorine water) that is used in the disinfection of natural and waste waters. There are two types of chlorinators: one in which the gas is metered under pressure and one in which it is metered under a vacuum. The latter, which is the most common, usually consists of a vessel into which liquid droplets, dust, and other impurities from the chlorine gas are deposited, a rate valve, a filter for the final purification of the gas, a pressure-relief valve, a flow meter for the gas, and a mixing tank for the chlorine and water.

The apparatus used in chemical technology for the chlorination of organic and inorganic compounds is also called a chlorinator.

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Waskey says pool maintenance firms should try to help customers know about ways they can reduce risk and save money, such as by installing a salt chlorinator.
A salt chlorinator includes an electrolytic cell that converts the salt to chlorine.
Gaseous chlorine directly from the chlorinators is injected into the body of the unit and is dispersed into the channel and mixed simultaneously through the open propeller.
Or the chlorinator and control units may be separately purchased - the latter from instrument manufacturers.
A wastewater plant effluent chlorination system has a 500 lb/d chlorinator, with a distance of 600 ft between the ejector and diffuser.
Also, the Clear Water Sand Filter comes with a 7-Position Multi-Port Valve, the filter and pump mounting bases, and an additional accessory base for chlorinator and timer.
Chlorinator control systems consist of flow or dosage recorders, analyzers (residual recorders), and feeders, which may be arranged for intermittent start and stop, programming, and proportional feed.
First, the addition of the ClorMatic(R) salt chlorinator product line allows us to integrate this high-growth pool equipment category into our Jandy(R) system, a comprehensive line of pool and spa products designed to meet all the equipment needs of our customers.
Associated motor control systems and routine chlorinator servicing are also included.
The PowerPac[TM] chlorination unit incorporating the patented Accu-Tab chlorinator and 3-inch calcium hypochlorite tablets with 65 percent available chlorine provide a better alternative for commercial pool and spa installations.