choir screen

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choir screen, choir enclosure

choir screen
A screen wall, railing, or partition of any type dividing the choir from the nave, aisles, and crossing.
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This was after their earlier famous collaborations on the choir screens for not only Hereford, but also Lichfield and Salisbury Cathedrals.
To explain issues of similarities with various monuments and the transmission of motifs and figure style from small-scale continental objects to the monumental medium of architectural sculpture (with tombs and now lost choir screens as key intermediaries), Malone suggests that Jocelyn and Lock were familiar with a variety of contemporary English works (for example, Lincoln, Winchester, and Canterbury).
Skidmore also made decorative metalwork for several Oxbridge colleges and government buildings, as well as the choir screen at Hereford Cathedral, which is now in storage at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
But a careful study not only of the paintings but also of what remains in the churches reveals a wealth of pre-Reformation church art as well as a large amount of specifically Protestant replacements of pulpits, organs, and choir screens together with the addition of text panels where altarpieces once stood (see J.
Skidmore is famous for his work on London's Albert Memorial and choir screens in Hereford, Lichfield and Salisbury Cathedrals.