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To meet the market demand, Panasonic has succeeded in commercializing a power choke coil suitable for in-vehicle power supply circuits, with one of the lowest DC resistances in the industry*1.
The power source is characterised by the illumination of the technical contradiction between the requirement on the high quality of output electrical energy and the amount of stored energy, built up in the output circuits, as a result of producing the high-frequency transducer section of the device in the form of a multiphase circuit in which the inverter part has the form of a group of half-breach inverters with current-restricting choke coils at the output.
Mass production of the CM01H900 choke coil began in April 2008, with monthly production expected to reach 15 million units by the end of 2008.
This has resulted in higher demand for choke coils (the main component in DC-DC converters) with higher current capacity, lower DC resistance (RDC) and smaller physical size.
Now being produced at the rate of 10 million units per month, BRL2518 series wire-wound power inductors are ideally suited for DC-DC converter choke coil applications in hard disk drives, LCD displays, digital cameras, personal digital assistants and other devices.
The contract also includes the preparation of the compensation choke coil on a located in the substation foundation and their commissioning.
The contract also includes the complete list of compensation choke coil on a switchboard located in the basement, the evacuation of the vessel, the oil processing, the filling of the insulating oil, the inspection before commissioning and acceptance in the presence of the contractor.
Contract Awarded for Supply of CHOKE COIL 4OW,25OV,AC,SINGLE PHASE
com) a world-leading innovator in electronics, today unveiled the DLW21H low cost common mode choke coil series.
com ), a world-leading innovator in electronics, has announced the introduction of the PLW3216S Series - Wire-Wound Surface Mount Common-Mode Choke Coil (EIA Size 1206).
Murata Electronics Unveils New Range of Common Mode Choke Coils II-9