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Effect of sodium cholate on the catalytic and structural properties of phosphorylase b.
Pistillarin, as a rare cate cholate siderophore, was found in several macro fungi and marine species such as Penicillium bilaii when grown in relatively high iron environments (Capon et al.
We prepared CE running buffer by diluting the stock buffers 1:100 (by volume) and adding 75 mmol/L sodium cholate and 25 mL/L methanol.
Cholesterol, [alpha]-asarone (2,4,5-trimethoxy-1-propenylbenzene), sodium cholate, sodium pentobarbital, NADPH, NAD, cholestyramine, [sup.
We examined several detergent for sample dilution, including Triton X-100, CHAPS, CHAPSO, BIGCHAP, deoxy-BIGCHAP, n-octyl-[beta]-D-glucoside, n-heptyl-[beta]-D-thioglucoside, n-octyl-[beta]-D-maltoside, MEGA-9, sucrose monocaprate, and sodium cholate (Detergent Starter Kit II; Wako Pure Chemicals).
Scheibner J, Fuchs M, Scheiemann M, Stange EF (1995) Deoxycholate and cholate modulate the source of cholesterol substrate for bile acid synthesis in the rat.
4 kU/L CEH, 80 mmol/L hydrazine monohydrate, 1 g/L bovine serum albumin, 3 g/L sodium cholate, and 5 mL/L Triton X-100.
5, containing 40 mmol/L sodium cholate, 15 mmol/L sodium dodecyl sulfate, and 50 mmol/L mannitol.