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A benign tumor composed primarily of fibrous connective tissue. Also known as fibroid tumor.



a mature benign tumor of connective tissue, which can occur in any part of the body. Fibromas may be diffuse or encapsulated, depending on the nature of their growth. Fibroblasts are the source of fibromas, hence their other name, fibroblastomas. The symptoms and the course of a fibroma depend on the site and the rate of growth. Malignant degeneration sometimes occurs. Fibromas are treated surgically.

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INTRODUCTION: Chondromyxoid fibroma is a rare benign primary tumor which usually affects the metaphyses of the long bones of the lower extremities in childhood and young adults and constitutes less than 1% of all primary bone tumors.
The patient had undergone antral curettage three months ago for similar complaints and was diagnosed of chondromyxoid fibroma.
In the differential diagnosis chondromyxoid fibroma, chondrosarcoma, chondroblastoma, enchondroma, nonossifying fibroma and aneurysmal bone cyst should be included (10).