chopping block

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1. A busbar.
2. A heavy, rigid electrical conductor that serves as a common connection between the source of electric power and the load circuits.

butcher block, chopping block

An assembly of rectangular blocks of hardwood which are edge-glued, joined by dowels, and then pressed together hydraulically; esp. used as a work surface in a kitchen.
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RSPCA Assured's Liam Kurzeja added: "We're pleased to be teaming up with The Chopping Block and look forward to seeing the RSPCA Assured branded food mobile at various festivals over the summer.
In spite of Abitibi Consolidated's recent announcement to close the Kenora mill, company officials insist the Fort Frances operation is not on the chopping block.
Borrowing the poses of classical sculpture and the materials and realism of Rodin, Quinn places the idealized human form on the chopping block, replacing it with a hunk of meat.
They will not stand idly by while the nation's civil rights laws are placed on the chopping block.
Brian Price, who worked at Huntsville Jail, Texas, gives advice on preparing delicacies such as Chopping Block Cheeseburger with Firing Squad French Fries, I'm Dead Meat Loaf, Last Wish Fish with Time's Up Tartar Sauce and 39 other dishes.
In turbulent economic times, a sound measurement and evaluation program implemented by the corporate communication department can show communication's value to the operation and, perhaps, save projects from the corporate chopping block.
With revenue dropping at many schools, cost cutting becomes a priority, and purchasing is often first on the chopping block.
She will be joined by Leader of the House Robin Cook on the chopping block - sending out a chilling warning to any other ministers wavering in their support.
And now, our precious liberties are on the chopping block, with the FBI freed to do domestic spying as in the bad old days of Cointelpro.
Other signs of decline, for example, are our school buildings which are already heading for the chopping block.