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Tafel plots for two electrodes were similar in H2SO4 but in chromic acid plots were not clearly defined.
Chromic acid was prepared by chromium(III) oxide, concentrated sulfuric acid, and water solution at the weight ratios of 29:29:42.
Before each experiment, the cell was left over night in chromic acid and ultimately it was thoroughly washed with water, distilled water and then dried.
An examination of the Degtjareff method for determining soil organic matter and a proposed modification of the chromic acid titration method.
19) investigated thermal aging of double cantilever beam (DCB) specimens of FM-5 adhesive bonded to chromic acid anodized (CAA) Ti-6A1-4V.
Hundreds of plastic jerry cans were shipped out to East Africa from Teesside containing mixed chromic acid and arsenic.
Initial OC content of each [is less than] 53 [micro]m sample was determined by a modified chromic acid digestion method (Heanes 1984).
Her eight-week placement with Shipley Europe was to investigate using silver as an alternative to chromic acid for plating metal into plastic.
A very mild solution of either chromic acid or gentian violet can be applied to the infected areas.
will support activities such as chromic acid anodizing line, titanium etching, shot peen, paint and primer booth, MPI and FPI in the initial phase.
This process requires the use of chromium plating baths, or tanks, which contain hexavelant chromium and chromic acid (hexCr), a carcinogenic chemical mix which is highly corrosive to concrete and other unprotected substrate materials.
Waste generated included ferric chloride, mineral spirits, chromic acid rinse water and sludge, chromic acid, sulfuric acid, trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene.