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Researchers studied layers of chromite in South Africa's Bushveld Complex, where over 80% of the global resources of platinum-bearing chromite deposits can be found.
Addressing the protesters, the speakers said that dispute over chromite mines among various tribes of the region had been going on for years, but the local administration did not take any tangible steps to settle the issue.
In 2003, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) Balochistan proposed a chromite beneficiation plant, capable of producing 15,000 tonnes of the concentrates by conducting a detailed study on chromite.
He mentioned that Cliffs Natural Resources only proposed moving three to four million tonnes of chromite.
The statement added there is no illegal mining of Chromite in Tangi area as reported by the press.
Where the rocks show no or less alteration chromite Spinel gradually replaces the Magnetite.
Six years ago chromite was extracted in Zana Khan district, but that was stopped by because of the low quality of the mineral.
reported chromite ores in Pakistan at Muslimbagh, Malakand and Dir.
Chen subsequently hauled and shipped chromite fines valued at more than P211 million Dh17.
My truck was hired by a Congress leader for transport of chromite ore.
Even though there is a lot of chromite found around the world, we need geographical diversification of chromite mines," said Michael White, president and CEO of IBK Capital, that has raised more than $140 million for companies active in the Ring of Fire.