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A pigment precursor.
A microorganism capable of producing color under suitable conditions.



according to the color theory devised by O. Witt, a substance containing chromophores—groups of atoms responsible for the coloration of various compounds. The term was also used to designate colorless substances found in animal and plant tissues that become pigments as a result of oxidation. V. I. Palladin proposed the term “respiratory chromogen” as part of his theory of plant respiration in reference to substances that become pigments through reversible oxidation. The equivalent Russian term is no longer used in the literature.

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A previous study at our institution found discrepancies between Phoenix nitrocefin and a chromogenic cephalosporin test in the determination of penicillinase activity (14), which led us to prospectively investigate these differences and to compare results with Phoenix MIC values for penicillin and ampicillin and to compare results with ampicillin disk diffusion.
Because they've been displayed the colour has shifted slightly, or attenuated, which is what can happen to chromogenic prints.
Our 1980 report in Clinical Chemistry described an improved chromogenic detection system that, coupled with the enzyme oxidation of uric acid, led to a direct method for assaying uric acid in biological fluids.
Comparison of chromogenic media to BD GeneOhm methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) PCR for detection of MRSA in nasal swabs.
Chromogenic media represent one of the most significant advances in microbiological culture in recent years.
This was followed by incubation with HRP-conjugated avidin for 30 min (250 ng/mL) and with o-phenylenediamine as a chromogenic substrate for additional 20 min.
Michael Wigginton, [4] who chairs a 10-nation European research agenda to develop the interactive facade, believes the eventual outcome will be nanometric, chromogenic energy control, in which energy flow will be controlled by a switch or an automatic sensor.
This 124-page report provides assessments of such technologies as chromogenic substrates, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, immunoassays, IT, molecular diagnostics, and their potential applications for hemostasis testing.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Chromogenic agar for candida 3X500 gm ,Cooked Meat Medium 4X500 gm , Corn Meal Agar 4X100 gm , Ox bile, Bacteriological 1X500 gm , Gentamicin sulphate powder 5X5 gm , L canavanine sulphate 2X100 mg ,Lactophenol cotton blue 2X500 ml ,Potato Dextrose agar 2X500 gm ,MacConkey Broth Double Strength 1X500 gm ,Kanamycin monosulphate
Lab M manufactures and markets a wide variety of media and related products, including the Harlequin' range of chromogenic agars.
Specific GBS selective chromogenic media have been developed by various companies in order to overcome some of the detection problems and to improve isolation rates.
There are two types of bright-field chromogenic HER2 ISH assays: 1) single color ISH for the HER2 gene only ; and 2) dual color ISH for the HER2 gene and CEN17 (chromosome 17 centromere).