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Due to the complex nature and chronicity of the illness, individuals with CKD endure symptoms and complications that fluctuate in type, severity, or occurrence with no end-point (Elphee, 2008; Madar & Bar-Tal, 2009; Mishel, 1999; Yu Ko & Degner, 2008); thus, the perception of the illness changes.
05) associated with a poorer functional outcome included increasing age, increasing years of dance experience, participation in Indian or Folk styles of dance, diagnosis, joint, and chronicity of injury.
It was also determined whether the treatment outcomes had any association with patient's age, parity and chronicity of the disease.
Colonic biopsy (E) demonstrating neutrophilic infiltrates (indicated with arrows) in the epithelial lining of the colic glands and the mucosal stroma compatible with mild active colitis without signs of chronicity.
She has had many occasions where healthcare providers did not recognize the chronicity and recurrence of cystinuria.
Chronicity refers to histologic features indicative of longstanding mucosal injury and damage of tissue structure.
The fracture was an oblique shear pattern and required some local bone grafting given its chronicity.
4] Although the classification is mainly glomerulocentric, it includes features of tubulo-interstitial disease, from which features of chronicity can be determined.
Likewise, a previous study performed in Turkey reported a chronicity rate of 56% (16).
They conclude that their findings are of major importance for public health, especially considering the prevalence and chronicity of benzodiazepine use in elderly populations and the high and increasing incidence of dementia in developed countries.
One further important consideration to be made in medical pain is its potential for chronicity, with prevalence of leading pain disorders including lower back pain and chronic migraine indicated at 10.

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