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Angling chiefly US and Canadian chopped fish, meal, etc., used as groundbait


a Pacific salmon, Oncorhynchus keta



the Russian name of a portable dwelling used by the Nentsi of the European part of the USSR and by the peoples of Siberia, including the Ket, Northern Yakuts, Oroki, Evenki, Nganasani, and Tuvinians-Todzhintsy.

The chum, built of 30 to 50 poles, was conical, with a round or slightly oval base and a floor diameter of 3 to 8 m. In the winter it was covered with sewn hides of reindeer, Manchurian deer, or elk, and in the summer, with boiled birch bark or, sometimes, canvas or burlap. The entrance was covered with hides in the winter and coarse fabric in the summer. In the center of the chum was a hearth. On both sides of the entrance were the sleeping areas; birch bark, willow mats, and dry grass were spread on the floor and reindeer hides were placed on top. With the transition of the nomadic peoples to a settled way of life, the chumy gradually fell into disuse and were replaced in some places by tents.

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Chummy is soon whisked away to help run a dilapidated mother and baby home, and Patsy helps her bring a little joy into the unfortunate residents' lives.
But, Chummy being Chummy, there are some laughs as well, and her work as Cub pack leader with lots of unruly children lends some much-needed light relief to the episode.
Regardless, Chummy was as focused as ever, watching intently over every cast and lure change.
Football can't afford the merest whisper that referees are too chummy with certain players.
Stanley didn't know what to do, and Chummy wouldn't come down off the car.
If your aim is to see him again and then decide if you like him, don't get too chummy.
As a global parent I think it's a good thing that kids around the world not get too chummy with that clown, Ronald McDonald, and his fast-talking, fast-food pals.
Clark started his investigation with a classic question about chummy animals: Do they recognize their kin?
Note that Karzai is also on chummy terms with Iran's revolutionary regime.
Judging from our leader's chummy, crude language--"I want you to know I took immense crap for [calling you a man of peace]"--I'd say you are correct.
In response, Clinton and company played the race card, suggesting that Republicans were bigots for pointing out that the Democrats had been unusually chummy with various Asian-American communities and Asian business interests in the 1996 election cycle.
Rather than an orderly, predictable bankruptcy proceeding, bailing out debt-ridden firms in Argentina usually means rescuing chummy, insider shareholders at the expense of creditors.