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He returned in 1991, brought by a boyfriend who had heard that Unitarian Universalist churches accept gay people.
Citings of the seven scriptures have led many gay and lesbian Christians to seek refuge in such groups as the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, a denomination founded by the Reverend Troy Perry in 1968.
Most of the nation's churches are organized as 501(c)(3) non-profits, allowing them exemptions from federal taxation.
The Supreme Court decision overturned a British Columbia Court of Appeal judgment that in December, 2003 applied a doctrine of "charitable immunity" to exempt churches from any liability.
Observed Lynn, "TV preachers and their special interest groups want to turn America's churches into a powerful political machine and undermine the principle of church-state separation.
However, Burgess says he doesn't think African-American churches are necessarily more homophobic than other churches.
Council of African Instituted Churches [South Africa]
Karen Evans, one of two librarians at the church's national office in Toronto, said the library gets several inquiries each month about church numbers from journalists, students, directory publishers, other churches, members of the general public and national church staff who need accurate figures for such things as grant applications.
Many in the churches grieve the loss of this intimate relationship between church and state.

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