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see butterbutter,
dairy product obtained by churning the fat from milk until it solidifies. In most areas the milk of cows is the basis, but elsewhere that of goats, sheep, and mares has been used. Butter was known by 2000 B.C.
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The frequency with which a building’s occupants are moved, either internally or externally, including those who move but stay within an organization and those who leave a company and are replaced.
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Since 25 percent of apps are only used once and user churn rates increase to 75 percent over a three-month period, app owners need strategies to mitigate churn, interact with users more intelligently, drive conversions and, ultimately, increase customer loyalty.
As you well know, each churn generates not only commissions, but also surrender fees and other penalities.
Austin Gentry, author if Churn Book I of III, is about to release the much awaited “Churn Book II” in August of this year.
They do work okay but take a long time to churn down the mix and they don't always freeze the mix down fully before defrosting, so you have to put the mix into the freezer half-churned to finish freezing and it will go hard forming lots of ice crystals and the ice cream/sorbet will not be smooth.
First I used a crock churn that sat on the floor with a long, wooden dasher that was pushed up and down for the churning process.
Customer churn adversely affects mobile telecom operators because they stand to lose a great deal in price premium, decreasing profits levels and a possible loss of referrals from continuing service customers.
Unilever reports that double churn refers to a proprietary, innovative new technology allows it to deliver "all of the creamy taste of regular ice cream with half the fat.
The poll found that 83% of the group believe buyer churn has a negative impact on business.
The book's greatest strength is the collection of hymns, beautiful poems and comforting scriptures in each chapter; its weakness, however, is that Churn draws too much of her material from her specific counseling encounters and it can be difficult to relate Churn's examples to one's own experience.
The term was picked up from the magazine and cable-television businesses, where churn has long been a problem.
wireless subscribers will churn in 2002, but that's just the beginning.