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dairy product obtained by churning the fat from milk until it solidifies. In most areas the milk of cows is the basis, but elsewhere that of goats, sheep, and mares has been used. Butter was known by 2000 B.C.
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The frequency with which a building’s occupants are moved, either internally or externally, including those who move but stay within an organization and those who leave a company and are replaced.
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Once more they made their leeward pull down the port side of the Lancashire Queen, and once more we churned down after them before the wind.
Early on the morning of the second day a closed carriage was driven slowly along the river-bank and stopped a little below the works, where the river boiled and churned about the great iron carcass which lay in a straight line two thirds across it.
Behind him churned a heavily loaded Yukon sled, and before him toiled a string of five dogs.
And at the same time vanished out of his mind's eye the vision of another flame enormous and fierce shooting violently from a white churned patch of the sea, lighting up the very clouds and carrying upwards in its volcanic rush flying spars, corpses, the fragments of two destroyed ships.
Then he fell, and lay where he fell, howling lugubriously as the long train of sleds churned by.
The whips snapped, the bells tinkled merrily, the sleds churned along the trail; but Buck knew, and every dog knew, what had taken place behind the belt of river trees.
The broad street was churned up by the traffic into a horrible rutted paste of muddy snow.
Churned investors are hurt not only by excessive commission costs, but also taxes.
June 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned Light Ice Cream kicks off a summer-long initiative to give ice cream lovers everywhere another reason to smile.
Liz, Kings Heath A When making ice cream and sorbets, the quicker they are churned down the fewer ice crystals are formed.
AMERICAN IDOL INSPIRATIONS: Dreyer's just debuted five limited-edition Slow Churned American Idol ice cream flavors (in stores now in 1.
Unilever Ice Cream has introduced a line of frozen novelties that extend the Breyers Double Churned Light ice Cream brand it introduced this past spring.