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see butterbutter,
dairy product obtained by churning the fat from milk until it solidifies. In most areas the milk of cows is the basis, but elsewhere that of goats, sheep, and mares has been used. Butter was known by 2000 B.C.
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The frequency with which a building’s occupants are moved, either internally or externally, including those who move but stay within an organization and those who leave a company and are replaced.
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Some of them [9] reported the percentage of correct predictions varying from 14% to 73%, depending on the proportion of churners in the validation set.
Anglian Convenience Stores has had more ups and downs in the past year than Thorpe Park's latest stomach churner Stealth.
Also on In The Red is a gut churner of a seven from The Hunches.
Later that day, the authors reinforced these ideas when the children made ice cream using an old-fashioned hand churner.
No, the true stomach churner came with eight minutes to go when it had seemed Swansea had dug in and disguised their drained bodies enough only for Glenn Murray to share the spoils from the spot.
Users can also obtain a detailed drill down view of the profile of a churner versus a non-churner, and intuitive graphs help users understand the drivers of the underlying predictive model.
TWO-FACED: Steve kisses Mindy at wedding STOMACH CHURNER Mindy says he started affair with Debbie on his stag weekend SMOOTH CHARMER Steve promised Mindy they'd have the best wedding ever
If you thought last week's appetiser was a stomach churner, the main course is even worse.
The vehicle, carrying farm workers from Peterborough, fell 45ft from the span over the River Churner after a collision with a car in torrential rain.
4 HIGH-DEFINITION VIDEO GUIDE (Electronic Arts Intermix) Written by Leah Churner, this no-nonsense technical primer should be required reading for anyone in the art world who plans to exhibit video.
It fell 45ft from the bridge over the River Churner near the park after a collision with a car in torrential rain.