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(kīm), semiliquid substance found in the stomach and resulting from the partial digestion of food by the salivary enzyme amylase, the gastric enzyme pepsin, and hydrochloric acid. Secretion of hydrochloric acid by the stomach makes the chyme strongly acidic. The rhythmic muscular action of the stomach wall (peristalsis) moves the chyme into the duodenum, the first section of the small intestine, where it stimulates the release of secretin, a hormone that increases the flow of pancreatic juice as well as bile and intestinal juices. Chyme also stimulates the release of cholecystokinin, a hormone that primarily increases the flow of bile but also increases the proportion of digestive enzymes in the pancreatic juice.



the fluid or semifluid contents of the small intestine in animals and man, consisting of gastric digestive products mixed with bile, the secretions of the pancreas and intestinal glands, desquamated epithelium, and microorganisms. Chyme also contains enzymes of the pancreatic juice, such as proteases, α-amylase, and lipase, as well as intestinal enzymes, such as enterokinase, carbohydrases, peptidases, monoglyceride lipase, and phosphatase. Its composition depends on the food ingested and the secretory activity of the digestive system.

In man, about 400 g of chyme per day pass from the small intestine to the large intestine. The motor activity of the intestine agitates the chyme, thus promoting better digestion and absorption of food substances. Specially prepared chyme has therapeutic properties: it is used in certain digestive disorders and metabolic disturbances in agricultural animals.


Fiziologiia pishchevareniia. Leningrad, 1974. (Rukovodstvo pofisiologii.)



The semifluid, partially digested food mass that is expelled into the duodenum by the stomach.


the thick fluid mass of partially digested food that leaves the stomach
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Chyme HD, the humorous baritone of the Port Harcourt bred rapper urges any guy and lady to step up and dance with your cups in the air
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Yet it is unclear to what extent mobilized HOCs are absorbed, and what the effect is of constituents such as bile, proteins, and fatty acids in chyme on intestinal absorption and bioavailability of HOCs.
Bile, made in the liver and stored in the gall bladder, helps break up globs of fat and oil in the chyme.
It is true, that by the agency of gastric juice on food out of the body, a change very similar to chymification can be effected on it; but when we remember that chyme, or the result of real digestion, is essentially the same in its elementary or component principles, whatever be the kind of food from which it is formed, and that as yet we are acquainted with no purely chymical agent which, applied to different substances, gives rise to the same uniform product, we shall be more willing to believe that chymification is neither a purely mechanical nor a purely chymical operation; but the result of a vital process, to which both mechanical and chymical forces contribute, and which no action or combination of inanimate matter can either exactly imitate or supersede.
Reported data from four participants in the clinical trial that demonstrated SYN-004 degraded IV ceftriaxone in the chyme of these healthy participants with functioning ileostomies without affecting the ceftriaxone in the bloodstream
Cecal ammonia concentration and intestinal chyme viscosity in laying hens fed on rE or rEP diets were not different compared with those in the control-diet fed chickens.
Chyme samples will be collected from the participants to measure the ability of SYN-004 to degrade the residual antibiotic.
Due to the presence of these elements, which are capable of getting involved in the exchange, the ion composition of the chyme changes, which normalizes the pH and optimizes the activity of digestive enzymes, favorable effect on feed components hydrolysis over a wider range of pH, improved energy and protein retention (Cabezas et al.
Medication only neutralizes acid in the digestive juice but enzymes, bile and other noxious compounds of the gastric chyme are not affected.