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in Europe, fermented juice of apples; in the United States, unfermented apple juice, unless allowed to ferment, in which case it is typically known as hard cider. Selected apples are grated in a mill, and the juice is expressed and, for hard cider, fermented and filtered. The commercial product is usually pasteurized or treated with preservatives and is frequently blended to balance the chief constituents, sugar, malic acid, and tannin. In France cider is made principally in Normandy and Brittany. It is at its best after a year or two in cask. English cider from the southern and western counties is noted and rivals beer as a popular alcoholic beverage. Cider is popular also in Germany, Spain, and Switzerland. Perry is a similar beverage made from pears.



a low-alcohol (5–7 percent by volume) fruit wine obtained by the fermentation of apple juice. The characteristic qualities of cider are attributable to the taste and aroma of apples and to the saturation of the fermented beverage with carbon dioxide. Cider is generally made from late-season apples and may be sweet (sugar content, 10 g/l), semisweet (5 g/l), and dry (sugarless).

Cider originated in northern France, where it is the name given to any alcoholic beverage made from apples. It is consumed widely in Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, and other countries. In the USSR, cider is produced in the RSFSR, Byelorussia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.


(food engineering)
Juice extracted from apples or similar fruits that has not been subjected to processing.


, cyder
1. an alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of apples
2. US and Canadian an unfermented drink made from apple juice
References in classic literature ?
No, you'd hate it," she said, pushing her glass towards him for some more cider.
But afterwards, when a black soutane darkened his doorway, he did not object; even offered some cider himself to the priest.
Historically, cider was often a name given to a non-alcoholic apple drink in the US, and consequently alcoholic ciders were often labeled as 'hard' ciders.
To me, craft cider is all about apple expression and this glass really delivers an improved apple intensity, flavor and aroma, which is so important to most hard ciders but especially our Angry Orchard Crisp Apple.
Ciders bring together fruity aroma, tannins and acidity, most of all malic acid in the bitter-sharp cider apples, as well as fermentation notes of yeast, spice and funk, plus flavors ranging from baked pie, berries, even hops and tropical fruit.
Within the industry, experts say they wouldn't be surprised if hard ciders were 3% to 5% of the beer market within the next five years.
Made from a blend of cider apples such as Chisel Jersey, Dabinett and White Norman, this cider may be to dry for some but Ralph also makes some sweeter ciders as well perries.
It seems like a layup for hard ciders, whose strongest demographic group is the 21- to 35-year-old set--it's hard not to notice how quickly the term "millennials" comes to the lips of hard cider makers.
We look forward to building on that success with a terrific range of ciders for both cider lovers and the cider curious.
The quality of ciders and perries was genuinely outstanding in 2013, but the diversity is what really impresses and which makes these beautiful beverages something we think everybody should give a try.
That's the mantra behind Common Cider, an artfully crafted line of ciders making waves on the west coast.
Also we saw a gap in the market with many great cask ale bars available in Birmingham but few selling more than a couple of ciders.