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Medulloepitheliomas are considered congenital tumors of the nonpigmented ciliary epithelium.
The results indicate RPL554 may increase mucociliary clearance through stimulation of CFTR and increasing ciliary beat frequency and thus could provide a novel therapeutic option for CF.
Grade 4 (35-45 degrees): the widest angle (characteristic of myopia and aphakia) in which the ciliary body can still be visualised with ease.
Additionally, rhabdomyosarcoma, a small round blue cell tumor, has been reported to arise in a ciliary body medulloepithelioma.
The primary ciliary dyskinesia also affects spermatozoa, flagella, rendering males sterile.
The ECT intraocular implant is a small device--the size of a grain of rice--containing cells that provide sustained delivery of a vision-preserving protein known as ciliary neurotrophic factor, which is delivered directly to the back of the eye in a controlled, continuous basis, thus bypassing the blood-retinal barrier and overcoming a major obstacle in the treatment of retinal disease.
Long hours of VDT use may affect performance of a structure known as the ciliary body of the eye, which controls lens refraction.
I have learned of primary ciliary dyskinesia and situs inversus, where the abdominal and thoracic organs are in a reversed position, in a young dog in Belgium.
Other laser therapies target the colored area of the eye or the ciliary body that produces eye fluid (see picture above).
A ciliary mechanism is employed to helop move the restiform body.
Vertebrates use ciliary opsin in photoreceptor cells, whereas invertebrates use rhabdomeric opsin.