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see motion picture photographymotion picture photography
or cinematography,
photographic arts and techniques involved in making motion pictures.

See also photography, still. The Camera
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a branch of culture and industry comprising the production of motion pictures and their screening for viewers. As one of the forms of art best suited to a mass audience, cinematography is a major means of political and scientific propaganda. It employs the techniques of motion-picture technology. Motion pictures are produced at film studios, and film and equipment are manufactured by the film industry. Motion pictures are shown in theaters, in halls with portable equipment, and on television.


(graphic arts)
Motion picture photography.


the art or science of film (motion-picture) photography
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James Chressanthis, ASC is nominated for his second career Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography for ESPN2's Original Movie, ``Four Minutes'' about the life of Roger Bannister, the first man to run under a four-minute mile.
An increasing number of products are available at competitive prices and with rich features not only in the lower end-user segments, but also in the higher resolution segments such as HD and cinematography," says Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst, Vidya S Nath.
Standard definition (SD) cameras are gradually being phased out by high definition (HD) and multi-format cameras in the global digital broadcast and cinematography cameras market.
repping many applicants for the Cinematography Fund's coin, says he hopes the ad ban can be forestalled.
But what we need is a systematic solution for the longer term, and that is why we are still working on a new cinematography law.
Genie Awards: Film, Director, Adapted Screenplay, Actor (Jeremy Irons), Art Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Original Score, Sound Editing.
In essence, Contour ties together the traditional world of cinematography with digital computer animation, expanding the possibilities for both motion picture and video game makers.
Girl With a Pearl Earring'' has marvelous production values - lighting that reflects the pre-electric world and eloquently composed cinematography that focuses on the artisans of early 1600s Europe.
Five IF nominations went to Beyond/Roadshow's Oz hit "Looking for Alibrandi," for feature, actress (Pia Miranda), script (Marlena Marchetta), cinematography (Toby Oliver) and music (Alan John), in a dead heat with AFI favorite "Chopper," with noms for feature, actor (Eric Bana), cinematography (Geoffrey Hall and Kevin Hayward), sound (Frank Lipson) and editing (Ken Sallows).
The HD-EC line includes Canon's unique Anamorphic converter, which fits easily between any 2/3-inch electronic cinematography prime or zoom lens and camera, making it possible to easily record a CinemaScope(TM) size (aspect ratio 2.
distribution by Overseas Film Group, "Chopper" grabbed noms for best film, director and adapted screenplay (Andrew Dominik), actor (Eric Bana), supporting actor (Simon Lyndon), editing (Ken Sallows), cinematography (Geoffrey Hall, Kevin Hayward), production design (Paddy Reardon), score (Mick Harvey) and sound.