circuit switching

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circuit switching

[′sər·kət ‚swich·iŋ]
The method of providing communication service through a switching facility, either from local users or from other switching facilities.
A method of transmitting messages through a communications network in which a path from the sender to the receiver of fixed bandwidth or speed is set up for the entire duration of a communication or call.

Circuit Switching


the aggregate of technical facilities of a general telegraph network to set up direct circuits. It provides a temporary direct circuit between two terminals, such as city communication offices or regional communication centers, through automatic switching centers. If any section of the circuit is occupied by another connection, the transmitting terminal receives a busy signal. If only a local channel of the receiving terminal is busy, the telegram is rerouted to an incoming line of the switching center, whereupon it is transmitted to the receiving terminal after the local channel becomes available.

Circuit switching uses a six-digit numbering method. The first three digits are the telegraph station number of the switching center, and the last three digits are the number of the receiving terminal.

circuit switching

Communication via a single dedicated path between the sender and receiver. The telephone system is an example of a circuit switched network.

The term connection-oriented is used in packet-based networks in contrast to connectionless communication or packet switching.

circuit switching

A networking technology that provides a temporary, but dedicated, connection between two stations no matter how many switching devices the data are routed through. Circuit switching was originally developed for the analog-based telephone system in order to guarantee steady, consistent service for two people engaged in a phone conversation. Analog circuit switching (FDM) has given way to digital circuit switching (TDM), and the digital counterpart still maintains the connection until broken (one side hangs up). This means bandwidth is continuously reserved and "silence is transmitted" just the same as digital audio. See connection oriented. Contrast with packet switching and message switch.

Circuit Switched Vs. Packet Switched
Circuit switching can be analog or digital, but it is giving way to the packet-based IP technology as a result of the Internet.
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The agreements with Level 3 allow Cyber Digital to evolve as an alternative to UNE-P providers for mass market local circuit switching and high-capacity loops for broadband markets, for both residential and business customers.
Cyber Digital will wholesale its local circuit switching and IP broadband services to competitive telecom carriers.
Mass Market Local Circuit Switching: FCC ruled that incumbent LECs have no obligation to provide competitive LECs with unbundled access to mass market local circuit switching.
The CTC PowerPath(R) Network stands today as a 100% replacement for legacy networks that use circuit switching technology.
This joint solution also integrates with Class 5 switches via the GR-303 interface, for service providers who want to cap existing investments in circuit switching, and migrate more quickly or gradually to an IP voice network.
IP technology marks the most significant telecommunications advancement in network design and service delivery since the development of circuit switching a century ago.
Deregulation, accelerating technical advances, and increased service provider competition are propelling rapid and sudden changes in the telecom and communications infrastructure and quickly transitioning the world's communications networks from circuit switching to open, intelligent, and scaleable packet networks.

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