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Logic (of arguments) futile because the truth of the premises cannot be established independently of the conclusion



an order issued by a state organ or public body or a clarification of the procedure for applying an act. A circular is distributed to subordinate institutions and organizations and generally deals with one or more problems of an official nature. Until 1936, in the USSR a circular was an official act promulgated by the head of a people’s commissariat.

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The Award for Circular Economy Public Sector: Sitra, for playing a key role in accelerating circular economy, and leading the building of the ground-breaking Circular Economy Road Map for Finland 2016-2025, which incorporated circular economy education across 1,500 elementary schools and 50 high schools.
It is worth-mentioning here that PML-N after coming into power has immediately paid the circular debt worth Rs 380 million while there is fear of corruption also.
If your digital circular is a static digital image of your print circular, you are missing an opportunity.
The two circulars were published in a national broadsheet on Feb.
36 extend to any individual subject to Circular 230 who has or shares principal authority and responsibility for overseeing his or her firm's federal tax practice, including tax return preparation, tax advice, and preparation of other documents for submission to the IRS.
ECRM Data regularly tracks the circular ads of more than 500 retailers in the United States and Canada, and records 50 metrics about each ad.
A key requirement of the Circular is that Senior Management and owners of law firms must ensure that the firm's policies, procedures, systems and controls appropriately and adequately address the requirements of the AML and CT Laws and the Circular.
Circular storage facilities offer a combination of low space requirement and high storage volume, and are available in various configurations employing a combination of stacker, slewing, circular or portal scraper.
The circular said urgent measures should be taken to upgrade sheltering capacity in Agri, Balikesir, Canakkale, Mersin, Hatay, Mugla, Batman, and Gaziantep, the provinces which have to face influx of illegal migrants.
4 : an often circular space for shows or contests <a circus ring>
The Scrap Specifications Circular 2006 contains several changes approved in April by ISRI's board of directors.
A Circular Journey by novelist, critic, and poet Helen Barolini is a collection of fifteen essays drawn from her life memories, and her acclimation to the best of two worlds--the distinct cultures of America and Italy.