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Yet somehow Snowdon managed to keep both relationships alive and kept up regular visits to Ann's turreted penthouse flat with its circular bed and sliding roof.
Hefner, indoor waterfall and reflection pool, personal glass elevator, private outdoor cantilevered Jacuzzi([R]), fully-equipped gym with sauna, full bar, media room, glass end walls and Playboy Rabbit Head logo, and a replica of the classic rotating circular bed that has been a mainstay in Mr.
Its chocolate border features a blend of dark leaves and deep chocolate maroon flowers including cosmos atrosanguineus accented with an orange , cream and silver border of lilacs, blues, whites and pinks with various silver/grey foliage surrounding a circular bed filled with a jewel box of coloured perennials.
Ann had part of the the kitchen garden taken out to create a parterre garden of beds surrounding a circular bed with a weeping cherry.
It boasts six bedrooms, including Malcolm's massive round master bedroom - complete with Austin Powers-style circular bed.
I like curves and my husband likes straight lines so we comprised with a circular bed in the middle from which straight paths ran," says Beverly.
I planted them in a circular bed around an apple tree among catmint and lavender; the grey foliage really sets off the dusty pink flowers, which took off when everything else died down.
But the Farr 65 'Hugo Boss' is a far cry from his beloved cruiser 'Highlander' with its on-deck Jacuzzi and giant circular bed in the master's cabin.
A first for Brighton, the bedroom features an 8ft circular bed, with mirrored ceiling.
Beneath these planters is a sloping circular bed with nothing but Kalanchoe pumila, a gray-leafed succulent ground with pink flowers.