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Capacity, consisting of: silicone tube 1/4 "diameter, length of 100 to 115cms, multi-slotted circular segment with 15 to 20 for easy drainage cms
zy] the settlement of the subsoil surface occurs in a circular segment even off the foundation gap.
A circular segment, one of the two portions of a disk cut by a chord, can be seen as a special degenerate case of a circular zone, and up to translation and rotation corresponds to (2.
Visual inspection revealed that some roll-over shapes showed strong deviations from a circular segment (participants 8 and 9).
Rather than dealing with all the complexities of a cell, the patchclamp technique isolates a small circular segment of outer membrane from a photoreceptor cell--a rod or a cone.
Silicone tube 1/2 "diameter length of 100 a 115 cms, multi-slotted circular segment with 15 to 20 cms for easy draw
The designs reference the architectural design of the Bahrain Pavilion that is made of circular segments and straight lines.
Each straight segment also includes a lead to the drive chain and circular segments chairing, which allow movement of the chain in a curve.
The mirror has an unconventional shape because it is part of what ultimately will be a single 25-meter (82-foot) optical surface composed of seven circular segments, each 8.
Plasmids are circular segments of DNA that contain a therapeutic gene and components that regulate its expression.
It must be admitted that these are not always easy to read, but where this is the case, the captions of the circular segments on pages 144-151 provide further explanation.