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Behind the picturesque stepped well lies a functional circular shaft and I was startled to see some daring lads plunging 40 feet into its murk.
For a classical circular shaft the dimension (radius) of the shaft target would be also further determined in several steps.
Work in the shaft involved stripping old timbers out of a smaller rectangular shaft and widening it to a circular shaft.
Giulio Magli, a historian of ancient architecture from Milan Polytechnic, Italy, and Robert Hannah, a classics scholar from the University of Otago in New Zealand, have discovered that at precisely midday during the March equinox, a circular shaft of light shines through the oculus and illuminates the Pantheon's imposing entrance, reports the Telegraph.
ooded in natural light through a circular shaft - enhancing the panelled doors that open on to the main reception rooms.
Containing a set of lifts that connect three levels of expensive-looking boutiques, the circular shaft is also entwined by cleanly detailed spiral stairs.
A major capital project in the El Indio/Viento mine is the sinking of a sub-vertical circular shaft, 4.
The 5 m diameter circular shaft is about 1,000 m deep and is equipped with two 5 t capacity skips, driven by an ASEA-Siemens Koepe hoist using 48 mm diameter ropes.
The project, with a planned investment of 75 million, will include the construction of the tunnel, three stations, five circular shafts and two rectangular shafts over a period of 28 months.
The Compact line consists of four models, the BM150D, BM150DT, BM400 and the BM500, which are perfect for inner-city work as they require smaller jacking pits and can also be used in circular shafts and larger pipes for dead end drilling applications.
For example, the specific element of separation in families of the circular shafts is their outer and inner geometrical form, the specific of their external geometrical configuration.
In a previously paper (Fota, (2) (0) (0) (4) ) one can found elaborate mathematical models used in the dimensioning and the configuration of flexible manufacturing system for circular shafts.