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Logic (of arguments) futile because the truth of the premises cannot be established independently of the conclusion



an order issued by a state organ or public body or a clarification of the procedure for applying an act. A circular is distributed to subordinate institutions and organizations and generally deals with one or more problems of an official nature. Until 1936, in the USSR a circular was an official act promulgated by the head of a people’s commissariat.

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1 and 6, as the circularity index of the as-spun fibers is increased with increased in DMF content, the surface morphology exhibits an increased surface smoothness along with smaller striations on the fiber surface.
Sample 3 has the lowest proportion of particles in region 1 and the highest overall circularity indicating that this is the least agglomerated sample.
Besides its rigor, it is also impressive in scope, as Bergmann provides interesting discussions of connected topics like epistemic deontology, justification defeaters, epistemic circularity, skepticism, and the new evil demon problem.
5) It might be worth adding in closing that even if the circularity argument were correct, the argument that the advantages of market competition make a polycentric legal order preferable to a monocentric one has not been refuted.
Schmitt argues that on an operations-based account of justified belief, the move from the perspective reliability of causal inferences to the claim that they are defeasibly justifying need not entail epistemic circularity, but if it does, Hume would find that circularity unobjectionable.
There's a kind of circularity to each act of being, and this you
Practical effectiveness of the evidence can be tested on the contours having small deviations from circularity and containing both positive and negative curvature.
The particles have a mean circularity of from about 0.
Line quality depends on the dot characteristics in terms of dot positional accuracy and circularity.
However, the CII director general said that this circularity could be broken through a change in monetary policy stance.
It includes articles on the history of Western, African, and Islamic philosophy; treatments of hermeneutics, aesthetics, functionalism, and Kantian ethics; many technical terms in philosophy, such as circularity in argument, mental events, and reductionism; and topics like gender in international law, ecology, cosmology, animals, choice, bad faith, categorical thinking, character, community, democracy, friendship, existence, doubt, feminist ethics, evil, language, jurisprudence, infinity, hedonism, idolatry, naturalism, lying, moral realism, pain, reality, theism, the self, and virtue.
To assess whether the assumption of circularity is valid, additional measurements were made of the diameter of each vessel mouth.