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Recently, dual-band circularly polarized (CP) microstrip antennas have received much attention in the field of wireless communications.
4* eye length; clypeus circularly emarginated medially, supraclypeal area roundly protruding to point of interantennal carinae (Fig.
This halogen bulb is excellently suited not only for brightfield reflected light but especially for darkfield and differential interference contrast in circularly polarized light (C-DIC) as well as Polarized light.
We are actually watching two movies when we watch 3-D, thanks to a "circularly polarizing" technology that involves splitting the projected light into two series of rapidly alternating images--a right-eye image that circles clockwise, like the cat's head, and a left-eye image that circles counterclockwise; 3-D glasses with oppositely circularly polarized lenses ensure that each eye can see only one image.
A molecule's chirality is detectable only when the substance interacts with other chiral things such as circularly polarized light, whose electric field traces out a helical pattern, like a Slinky, while moving through space.
Peregrines "ring" or rise circularly to great heights when released from the falconer's glove, sometimes 1,000 or even 2,000 feet overhead.
5m (952-954 MHz, using a 4W-EIRP circularly polarized antenna) Durability: Heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, alkaline-resistant and waterproof
Rather she is an essayist who approaches topics indirectly and circularly.
The head of the subject was immobilized within a circularly polarized head coil.
It was verified experimentally, that the part on the circularly or elliptically vibrating plane may be directed to predefined point and later is able to perform search motion by circular or elliptical trajectory.
Its mythic function is manifold: it has served as "the model of circularly unfolding time and space.
This line of objectives enables the innovative C-DIC technique (Differential Interference Contrast in circularly polarized light) with only a single prism.