circulation path

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1. The traffic pattern through an area or building.
2. In a building, a scheme providing for a smooth, economical, and functional flow of traffic.
3. A means of travel through a building, such as doors, corridors, stairs, and elevators.
4. The continuous flow of a liquid or gas within a closed circuit.
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Utilizing stories to express the user experience enabled simple barriers to connectivity (such as inadequate way-finding, lack of accessibility, crowded circulation paths, and long wait times) to be anticipated, and eliminated.
We try not to approach our projects as voids to be filled later with plants by someone else' Denied the opportunity to use water across the entire site, the architects decided to simulate a natural landscape by throwing a mix of aquatic plant seeds into the raised containers between the circulation paths and allowing them to grow freely.
The revised guidelines would mandate all metalcasting facilities to make readily achievable modifications to previously exempt employee work areas, including repositioning light switches, installing grab bars and widening circulation paths within work areas so they are wheelchair accessible.
Natural mapping" was used to reduce confusion and promote a sense of competence for the residents; this layout is characterized by fewer turns, clear circulation paths, terminal view/destination points, and good sight lines (e.