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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

To circumambulate is to move clockwise around a ritual circle. Normally the casting of the circle (see Circle) is always done deosil, first with the sword or athamé,

then with salted water and finally with the censer. In many Wiccan traditions, the coven members may only move clockwise (deosil), never counterclockwise (widdershins). In other covens, there is freedom of movement in both directions.

Circumambulation is also known as the "holy round" and the "sunwise turn" and is not exclusive to Witchcraft. Such movement is recognized by various groups as magical, bringing good luck, protection, and protracted life.

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The two-day extraordinary summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference comes to a fitting end with OIC leaders, led by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, circumambulating the Holy Kaaba (tawaf) in an unprecedented show of Islamic unity and solidarity.
That is, by circumambulating the centre of the city they effect the unification of city space (Map 7).
8) Different religions can be compared to different ways of climbing to the peak and possibly circumambulating as one is climbing.
The ritual involves going to the sacred mosque at Mecca, circumambulating the cubic structure called the Ka'ba, which is believed to be the one shrine erected to the worship of the one true God by Abraham and Ishmael.
Thomas Mendip, the hero, laments that "the moon is nothing but a circumambulating aphrodisiac divinely subsidized to provoke the world into a rising birth rate.
The eyes orbs of reflection, letting drift the subtle movements of leaves and the examiners circumambulating the vessel.
It is an old picture and it was taken after an African pilgrim in his 50s was injured in his leg after he slipped as large crowds were circumambulating the Kaaba," he said.
Tariq Al-Thagafi The 80-year-old Iranian who had a heart attack while circumambulating the Kaaba recovers in hospital.
My heart is become receptive of every form: So: a pasture for gazelles, a monastery for Christian monks, A temple for idols, the Ka'bah of the circumambulating pilgrim, The tablet of Torah, the leaves of Qur'an; I follow the dm (way of life) of love.
Circumambulating these structures is an endless but endlessly satisfying labor.
It has been reported that the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him said while circumambulating the Ka'ba" How pure and good you are