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see Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
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If it is so desirable to cite the original article, why do authors often cite the reprinting book?
Smith said at a City Hall press conference Tuesday that he will ask the city attorney to draft an ordinance that would contain an ``aiding and abetting'' section similar to that in a state anti-street racing law that allows authorities to cite spectators as well as drivers.
Gagnon cites a sociological study, Le Catholicisme Quebecois (Editions de l'QRC, 2000) by Lemieux and Montminy, worthy but incomplete attempt to diagnose a situation which was ignored by the predominantly Marxist-type of research done during the 1970s.
Darling-Hammond cites this study as proof of the paramount importance of a teacher's possessing knowledge about "teaching and learning.
If the author cites predominantly into one cluster, as is often the case, the interdisciplinary co-citation reaches out beyond the author's home cluster (see Figure 1).
Granted, this most recent book most probably appeared too late for Kiefer to cite in his study, nor do I expect him to refer to the entire range of my critical works on The Spanish Tragedy, which is only one of the many plays he analyzes.
although Hakutani cites the 1969 remarks of Edward Margolies, who had condemned Wright for his unfavorable portrayal of black women).
The final phase of the Cite de la Musique was recently inaugurated.
Teresa Hubbard, President and CEO for CITE Armored, implements a new philosophy via an aggressive sales and marketing strategy
The more well-known basics, of course, are that state and federal surveyors may cite deficiencies for failures in assessment, lack of timely assessment, failures in care planning, and failures to implement care plans in accordance with F Tags 271-287 under the Resident Assessment regulatory grouping.
Women in the vasectomy group were less likely than those who had been sterilized to cite financial pressures or other people's opinions about sterilization as reasons for that method choice; they were more likely to believe that a pregnancy would have strained the couple's relationship.
Sure, one can cite a few instances in which users of sign language are advantaged over hearing people--just as one can cite a few situations (e.