citizen rights

citizen rights

the rights which CITIZENS are entitled to, or may lay claim to, especially in modern states.

Following T. H. MARSHALL (1950,1963), three sets of rights can be identified as significant:

  1. civil rights, the right to freedom of expression and access to information, and the right to freedom of association and organization and equality before the law;
  2. political rights, the right to vote and to seek political office in free elections;
  3. social and economic rights, the right to welfare and social security, and perhaps full employment, but usually stopping well short of the right to share in the management of economic organizations, to break the prerogative of managers to manage and of capitalists to own and direct the use of their capital.

The granting of citizen rights in modern societies in part reflects the fact that, as the result of changed expectations, violence can be used only as a last resort by governments in these societies. Accordingly, populations must be mobilized and culturally and ideologically won over and brought to regard these regimes, at least to some degree, as politically legitimate (see also LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY (or POLITICAL LEGITIMACY), INCORPORATION, WELFARE STATE). At the same time, however, such rights had also to be won, by political activity and social and class conflict.

Whereas some theorists, such as Marshall, present the expansion of citizen rights as undermining, or at least ‘domesticating’ and institutionalizing, class conflict, other theorists prefer to emphasize a continuing role for class conflict in preserving such rights, and in seeking to extend these beyond the limits usually placed upon them in capitalist societies. See also CIVIL RIGHTS, CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT, ENTITLEMENTS, SOCIAL CONTRACT THEORY, DAHRENDORF.

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Syria is grappling with finding a formula that would maintain the external boundaries of the state while renegotiating internal territorial divisions, citizen rights and identities.
Tenders are invited for Provision of Building Cooperation and Awareness for Citizen Rights in Eastern Indonesia.
Charter in the works: President Rohani says his staff is now drafting a Charter of Citizen Rights, something akin to the US Bill of Rights.
The Arunachal Citizen Rights also lauded the state police for arresting three accused who have confessed to their involvement in the pistol-explosive planting incident in Gyadi's vehicle.
ISLAMABAD: The Citizen Rights and Vigilance Committees (CRVCs) constituted by the Capital Police in 14 police stations may not function independently and properly, as their members have a reputation of being police-friendly.
Recognized Status" indicates that the ACC Police Department meets or exceeds all of the identified best practices for Texas law enforcement, in areas such as patrol and investigative operations and protection of citizen rights.
5 million Arabs won't tolerate 10,000 Jews in Gaza, but a million Arabs live in Israel with full citizen rights, health care, Knesset membership, etc.
NBA immediate past President Kim Keenan, center, presented the award to Hawkins Chapter President Benjamin Crump of Tallahassee, right, in recognition of VHFCNBA's "outstanding service to the Florida community, its promotion of justice for the public good, its focus on restoration of citizen rights, and the sponsoring of various high school moot court scholarship competitions.
Nader is known for advocating citizen rights and safety: his work in politics has been long-time and this biography of his life promises lasting interest.
We are simply trying to defend citizen rights," a CNC official said.
In our field of expertise," said Denis Morency, CEO of Motus Technologies, "a secure contactless smart card is the answer to implement a more cost efficient system than the traditional contact approach without compromising on questions as sensitive as security and protection of citizen rights to privacy.
We have, for decades, and look where we are: incalculable debt, dumbed-down ``graduates,'' runaway fraud and misuse of taxpayer money, horrendously high taxes, continual stabs by this Legislature of Democrats to grant citizen rights to illegal aliens - at the peril of the rest of us.

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