citrullus lanatus

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Natural diuretic that washes you from the inside. Lowers blood pressure. Soothes intestinal tract and stomach ulcers. Highly alkalizing (do not eat with other food since it lowers stomach acid). WATERMELON SEED- a diuretic used in herbal teas to flush out bacteria from UTIs and reduce urinary stone accumulations. Seeds also good for chasing out parasites. Grind seeds into food or smoothies. High in amino acids citruline and arginine. A gentle body cleanser for skin conditions like hives. If organic, put the whole watermelon in blender, seeds, rind, everything. Very very good for you. Also put this smoothie mush on your face to help skin rebuild collagen and become smoother again. Keep doing this and see results after only a week! Also good for constipation. Note: sprouting seeds produce toxic substance in its embryo.
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