civil list

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civil list

(in Britain) the annuities voted by Parliament for the support of the royal household and the royal family

Civil List


in monarchical governments the sum allotted in the state budget for the monarch’s personal expenses and the maintenance of the royal household. In constitutional monarchies the civil list is usually established by parliament for the duration of a monarch’s reign. In some countries, such as the Netherlands, the list is regulated by the constitution.

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The total cost of the Queen's Civil List, which pays for the running of the Royal Household including staff salaries, was Au14.
The War of Independence exposed for the first time since then the extent to which the Crown used the civil list as a potent form of patronage and, thereby, allowed the Crown to threaten liberty by extending its influence in the House of Commons.
The Civil List is provided in exchange for the surrender of The Queen's hereditary revenues for the duration of her reign.
The Chancellor said: "The amount provided by the Civil List has remained unchanged over the last 20 years at pounds 7.
I can announce that, with the full agreement of the Queen, the Civil List will remain frozen at pounds 7.
The spokesman told Republic, the anti-monarchy campaign group: "As you may be aware we've made an explicit commitment to maintain spending on health and to meet our international development obligations but we are not making a commitment to protect other areas such as the Civil List at this stage.
Incidentally, last year the civil list was pounds 41.
London, June 30 (ANI): An annual account of the Royal Household's expenditure has revealed that Queen will run out of funds by 2012, her Diamond Jubilee year, unless the government increases the Civil List.
7m from the Civil List every year, you wonder what she blows it all on.
Obviously, John McStay hasn't been informed that the Queen gives all the income from the Crown Estates in exchange for the Civil List.
Sophie and husband Prince Edward get pounds 141,000 of taxpayers' cash from the Civil List.
They do not receive any money from the Civil List and have been plagued by financial problems during their 19-year marriage.