civil marriage

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civil marriage

Law a marriage performed by some official other than a clergyman

Civil Marriage


marriage contracted in corresponding agencies of state power, without the participation of the church. In the Soviet state the first decree on civil marriage was issued on Dec. 18, 1917. In the USSR only civil marriage is legally valid. (Church marriages contracted before the establishment of Soviet power are equivalent to registered civil marriages.) Similarly, in foreign socialist countries, exclusive recognition is given to civil marriage. In certain bourgeois countries, including France and Switzerland, civil marriage is obligatory, and a church wedding has no legal significance. In Great Britain, some states of the USA, and other bourgeois countries, marriage may take place either in secular agencies or in church, and the two forms of marriage have equal validity under the law.

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All other civil marriages in Namibia are automatically "in community of property", unless the couple signed an ante-nuptial contract before the marriage took place.
There have been other attempts to get a civil marriage law on the books, all unsuccessful.
Rabbi Uri Regev, who heads Hiddush, told JTA he believes there would be more enthusiasm for civil marriage and divorce from all sectors if it actually existed in Israel.
When it comes to civil marriage, both state legislatures and the courts have already changed the legal definition, just as they did in the matter of no-fault divorce laws, thus undermining the "lifelong" portion of the marital definition.
We are so pleased to have the first civil partnership on religious premises, but we will continue striving for all couples to have equal access to civil marriages, religious marriages and civil partnerships.
Firstly, Judaism already treats Jewish and civil marriages differently, and synagogueslike all religious organizationsare free to define marriage according to their own religious principles.
It is no business of the state to pronounce on matters of religious doctrine; in return religious organisations really should not be seeking to campaign on secular matters such as civil marriage ceremonies conducted on council premises by local authority registrars.
I also advocate civil marriages and I hope that one day Bahrain introduces civil marriage for those who choose a more just way of signing the marriage contract to protect their rights during the marriage and in case of divorce.
Kalish sought would "erase the bright line between civil marriage and other forms of relationship that has heretofore been carefully preserved by the Legislature and our prior decisions, including Goodridge.
Most couples opt for monogamous or civil marriage over the polygamous or customary marriage.
Although I don't expect civil marriage for same-sex couples to become legal nationwide in my own lifetime, I do believe it's inevitable.