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m) clamshell bucket, increasing the speed at which the sand is removed from the barge.
The pivot pins on the clamshell bucket and bucket lift arms need lots of clean lube to do their job.
We have a 400-litre bucket, a 700-litre bucket, a pole erecting bucket and clamshell bucket," said Tainio.
The clamshell bucket is fitted with gaskets over the openings so dredged material stays inside the bucket and the water goes back into the river.
The lower 50 feet of soil consisted of a very stiff to hard sandy clay material that was excavated with a clamshell bucket.
have merged to form a larger clamshell bucket and grapple-manufacturing firm.
The facility is already equipped with a 40-ton crane and a 10-yard clamshell bucket and 100-ton truck scales with a computerized weight system for on-loading and off-loading.
To minimize the potential for impacts to salmon while dredging the contaminated sediments, we worked with NMFS and WDFW to begin dredging in August to reduce the chances that a work extension would be needed to complete the cleanup when smaller, out migrating juvenile chinook salmon may be present, said Scott Hooton, Port of Tacoma environmental project manager, We have also made detailed guidelines for how to operate the clamshell bucket to accurately dredge the required depth and area, as well as making sure the lid is fully secure before lifting through the water to minimize sediment loss.
Pivot pins on the clamshell bucket and the bucket lift arms need lots of clean lube to do their job.
A "soft" setting can be set to smooth operation for reduced material spillage when using a clamshell bucket.
Contract award: Hire of 18 t 4x2 Tipper with Lorry Loader Crane and Clamshell Bucket with Operator.
Contract Notice: The City of Edinburgh Council, Road Services is seeking to establish a single supplier for the hire of a 18 tonne 4x2 Tipper with lorry loader crane and clamshell bucket with an operator to assist with construction operations throughout the City of Edinburgh.