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Theatre a group of people hired to applaud



a group hired to act as spectators and promote the bogus success or downfall of an actor or an entire performance. Claques are frequently employed in capitalist countries, especially in opera theaters.

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Mais elle l'a conduit a l'hopital psychiatrique, << une claque >> enorme ou il a risque de se desintegrer eta vecu le desespoir.
Cathcart began drinking heavily in Australia where he permitted, perhaps even encouraged, his tavern acquaintances to organize a claque at the theatre to applaud him at the Keans' expense.
Curran's complaint is more rhetorically focused by Scotland's Julie Claque.
Yet it would be a mistake to characterize the crusade for greater executive power as merely an ideological obsession of an interior claque of administration lawyers, revolving around the relentless and, by nearly every account, genuinely obsessive David Addington.
Perhaps even the claque doesn't know for sure, but was willing to give its eminent speaker the benefit of the doubt merely on the grounds that the Republican party is in the Congressional majority.
But the problem with the claque which surrounds Tony Blair - and it's not just Prescott - is that they become detached from reality.
The Canadian media in those years tended to act as a claque for Ottawa's efforts at foreign policy assertiveness whatever the substantive outcome.
In the end, she finished just 49 seconds behind new champion, Jenny Claque of Liverpool.
The trip, from March 31 to September 9, 1841, was an unsalaried exile imposed because Bourbonville had addressed the King of Denmark from the stage during a claque incident.
Ally McCoist, listening beside him, supplied a one-man claque.
So by the 1990s we had the Wojtyla-Ratzinger duo piously dictating a revisionist Vatican II to a body of near-traumatized bishops reduced to a papal claque and demoralized senior bishops.
The Silent Witness claque in the stands, faces painted in the black and green colours, began to go wild again.