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any species of the large genus Salvia, aromatic herbs or shrubs of the family Labiatae (mint family). The common sage of herb gardens is S. officinalis, a strongly scented shrubby perennial, native from S Europe to Asia Minor.
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Or, on a more practical note, a Snore Ease candle contains eucalyptus to ease the sinuses, frankincense to soothe and slow the breath, and clary sage to calm.
In this study, three essential oils were added to one teaspoon of almond oil: two drops of lavender (Lavandula officinabs) and one drop each of clary sage (Salvia Sclarca) and rose (Rosa centifolia).
We found the same essential oils in beer that are contained in roses, jasmine, grapefruit and clary sage used in perfumes," he said.
Wise makes a blend of rose, ylang ylang and clary sage oils.
Other recommended hair herbs are Clary sage and basil.
Nature's Gate Organics Creamy Shave Gel in Lemongrass and Clary Sage, $7, drugstores
Salvia - Clary sage, highly scented foliage and candy pink flowers.
Connected features top notes of violet leaf and mangosteen for a fresh burst of energy, with middle notes of cedrat for an adrenaline rush of citrus, and clary sage from the salvia plant to chill it out.
Watkins coconut and olive oil derived soaps, which come in nature-inspired scents peppermint, lavender and clary sage.
Stress-relieving aromatherapy includes oil of clary sage and lavender - a couple of drops on a hankie or pillow and in the bath.
Clary sage and cinnamon add touches of finesse to the fragrance while fine wood notes distinguish the base of the perfume.