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Following soil cleanup, environmental engineers developed nearly 400 acres of woodlots, 327 acres of prairie, more than 140 acres of open water and wetlands and 33 acres of savanna to restore the property to an undeveloped park with an emphasis on wildlife and education.
They hope the estimates will help make many cleanup efforts more cost-efficient and thorough.
By Superfund standards the cleanup at the Flats is sufficient for residential use, according to Tim Rehder, Rocky Flats project coordinator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
In County of San Diego, the California Supreme Court again focused on specific wording in the insuring agreement, but held that excess policy language restricted coverage to court-ordered money judgments and did not include cleanup expenses incurred in responding to government orders.
Communities are often concerned about risks that could occur while the cleanup is underway and additional outreach in the form of public meetings or consultation with neighborhood organizations may be necessary to make sure their issues are addressed.
This year, the Commonwealth is making a special invitation to sportsmen and sportswomen to join the cleanup since litter prevention and cleanup play such an important part in the enjoyment of fishing and other outdoor sports.
143 requires accrual of enforceable asset retirement obligations--including obligations for environmental cleanup costs--without regard to the probability of future legal action.
Other stakeholders blame the budget shortfall for the drop in cleanup completions.
The liability risks for mischaracterized spent materials may extend beyond the costs of cleanup.
Although these factors have not been applied to the specific facts of environmental cleanup cases, the courts have used them in analogous situations, with mixed results.
Carol Conjura, IRS Reverses Course and Allows Current Deductions for Cost of Environmental Cleanup in Rev.
His panel's review of data on 77 pump-and-treat locations concludes that sometimes--owing to the geology, degree of contamination, mix of pollutants present, and comprehensiveness of the subsurface terrain's mapping--the process may prove unable to achieve drinking-water-quality cleanup, even if employed continuously for 50 to 1,000 years.