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The platform has a general and flexible core clearing engine, and supports massive payment data clearing and settlement processing.
com clients to its own front-end system and clearing engine approximately 10 weeks after finalizing its purchase of ndb.
US Dataworks' solution incorporates the industry-leading capabilities of the Clearingworks Intelligent Clearing Engine (ICE) to make "Best Fit Clearing / Least Cost Routing" decisions for all items plus the Clearingworks Distributive Capture web-based remote capture system to facilitate the capture of financial documents of their customer banks and their corporate client base.
One Network's Integrated Payment Solution is the most advanced transaction processing and clearing engine available today.
Built the market clearing engine and wholesale settlement systems for the market company; * Built the retail market systems covering meter reading, meter data management, retail billing and settlement, and the transfer of consumers between retailers; * Implemented all of the above, including setting up the Market and System operators and helping market participants with their readiness; * Provided overall project management guidance to the EMA for the safe and controlled start of the market on 1 January; * Advised the Regulator on how to manage the program and how to regulate the industry.
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