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clear lumber, clean timber, clears, clear stuff, clear timber, free stuff

Wood free of knots and other defects.
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In and out, in and out we went, as fast as horseflesh could do it, and for a wonder had a good clear time on London Bridge, for there was a whole train of cabs and carriages all going our way at a quick trot, perhaps wanting to catch that very train.
It was found necessary to clear the entire pier from the mass of onlookers, or else the fatalities of the night would have increased manifold.
Besides, he that clears at once will relapse; for finding himself out of straits, he will revert to his custom: but he that cleareth by degrees, induceth a habit of frugality, and gaineth as well upon his mind, as upon his estate.
Yes, I did destroy a paper, but I really did find a paper, too; and I believe that it clears us all.
I shall enumerate them to you, for nothing clears up a case so much as stating it to another person, and I can hardly expect your co-operation if I do not show you the position from which we start.
Swearing clears a man out like a pen'orth of gunpowder does the wash-house chimney.
It takes the blood from the heart," he murmured, "and clears the whole show for the moment.
And as the exhaustion of the mechanical resources of civilisation clears the heavens of airships at last altogether, Anarchy, Famine and Pestilence are discovered triumphant below.
When the smoke clears away, the bride she looks around and sees a dead parson, a dead bridegroom, a dead brother, two dead uncles, and five dead wedding-guests.
This, we may say, is the one moot question that this new-found document clears up.
On the contrary," he answered, "it clears every instant.
He was silent a moment, looking grimly through his glasses; then he added: "The thing has one advantage--that it clears most people of suspicion at one stroke.