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(both: klĭr`stōr'ē, –stôr'ē), a part of a building whose walls rise higher than the roofs of adjoining parts of the structure. Pierced by windows, it is chiefly a device for obtaining extra light. It had an early use in certain Egyptian temples, as at Karnak, and was used later in the great halls of Roman basilicas. It became a characteristic element of medieval churches, receiving its fullest development in churches of the Gothic period.


An upper story or row of windows rising above the adjoining parts of the building, designed as a means of admitting increased light into the inner space of the building.


The upward extension of enclosed space achieved by bringing a windowed wall up to interrupt the slope of the roof.

clerestory, clerestory window

clerestory, 2 A
1.An upper zone of wall pierced with windows that admit light to the center of a lofty room.
2. A window so placed. (See illustration p. 218.)


, clearstory
1. a row of windows in the upper part of the wall of a church that divides the nave from the aisle, set above the aisle roof
2. the part of the wall in which these windows are set
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When designing clerestory windows, it is very important to consider its orientation.
In Equinox, the clerestory windows designed to contribute to winter heating have purposely been chosen for high SHGC.
One word: windows Cotilla's claims that his innovative use of a clerestory, or dome ringed with windows, to introduce light into the stairwell of an alternative center "won't bust anybody's budget.
The impressive lounge/dining room is nearly 30ft long by 14ft wide and has a high apexed ceiling with exposed beams and roof trusses, arched front window with extensive views over Broseley Wood and beyond, two further clerestory windows to either side, open brick fireplace and exposed red deal tongue and groove floorboards.
This pastoral letter emanating from Wisconsin highlights the symbiotic relationship between the rite of Eucharist within the church and its practice outside the clerestory.
We have copied their columns and arches, the high clerestory and the filtered light.
SageGlass is installed in the atrium's upper story with six rows of hard-to-reach clerestory windows.
who incorporated a plethora of classic, midcentury modern architectural memes, such as post-and-beam construction, a usable atrium, high ceilings, clerestory windows and vast walls of glass.
A continuous strip of clerestory windows provides daylight for the interior spaces.
New elements were designed to contrast the existing structure, and many rooms take advantage of existing skylights and clerestory windows.
On the short north and south ends, the roof sweeps up to admit daylight through slots of clerestory glazing, while along the long west street edge it oversails to form a generous, welcoming colonnade, supported by a line of tapering steel columns.
Clerestory windows and skylights flood the offices with natural light.