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The cotter pin was not installed in the clevis pin at the outboard end of the landing gear actuator rod.
Furlers and top swivels have retained clevis pins and top swivels have a snag-free low profile shackle pin head.
The telescoping arms can be adjusted using clevis pins and safety clips to a range of settings to accommodate bulk bags from 32- to 47-in.
Clevis pins are heat treated to prevent pin damage when using steel shackles.
It consists of male and female plugs, connectors, receptacles, insulators and contacts, and accessory products, such as clevis pins, receptacle castings, dust cover caps, gaskets, and couplers.
Other items on Hostetter's repair-kit checklist for backpackers include an assortment of needles and safety pins, rubber bands, threads, dental floss, parachute cord, a small "multi-tool," and spare buckles and clevis pins.
The patent-pending Quick Hitch targets "lawn and garden" type trailers historically using Clevis Pins as the form of hook-up to now be used on any size "ball hitch".
clevis pins, washers and cotter pins replacing the E clips
According to Barber, the swivel is still in excellent condition--the DCD service department simply dismantled the swivel, fully inspected all components, and then reassembled the unit with new seals and clevis pins.