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1. a customer
2. a person who is registered with or receiving services or financial aid from a welfare agency
3. Computing a program or work station that requests data or information from a server


The person or organization who has a need for a project; responsible for the overall financing of the work and directly or indirectly employs the entire design and building team.


(computer science)
A hardware or software entity that requests shared services from a server.


A computer system or process that requests a service of another computer system or process (a "server") using some kind of protocol and accepts the server's responses. A client is part of a client-server software architecture.

For example, a workstation requesting the contents of a file from a file server is a client of the file server.


(1) A desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, as well as any other electronic device that sends or receives data from a server. The term implies a connection to a wired or wireless network. Contrast with server. See client application, client download, client/server, thin client and fat client.

(2) One end of the spectrum in a request/supply relationship between programs. See X Window and OLE.

(3) The customer of a vendor or consultant. The client of an IT department is the end user.

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Along with client file contents, the law firm should retain copies of documents indicating the client's choice as to counsel, the transferal of file contents, original documents, and client property per the client's instructions, signed receipts from the client for file contents and return of advances, unearned fees, and trust funds to the client.
While client files have been used for these examples, these same principles apply to all items that might be examined by a purchaser during due diligence.
Interwoven's receipt of this prestigious award strongly reinforces its ongoing commitment to empowering professional services organizations to improve client experience through the efficient management of client files and the streamlining of key business processes.
New Business Intake and Conflicts Management -- Just yesterday, Interwoven announced the introduction of the Interwoven New Business Intake and Conflicts Management products, enabling professional services firms to achieve end-to-end management of client files -- from the time a firm establishes first contact with a potential client to the disposition of that client file -- within a single solution.
Other problems, he said, are that a discussion on who owns the client file is in a commentary but not in a rule and the rule does not discuss what happens when a lawyer leaves and neither the firm nor the lawyer wants to take a client.
law firms and an exhaustive search of articles and opinions from the American Bar Association (ABA), as well as numerous state and local bar associations, this publication discusses how to establish a client file retention policy for law firms.
Think about the documents in your client files (hard copy or electronic) and ask yourself whether or not you would be harmed if the documentation was presented to the "ladies and gentlemen of the jury.
In court, CPAs often cannot even produce a copy of the partnership agreement--a document client files should always contain.
Client files, historically confined to paper, can be managed better if digitized.
Among the assets sold were employee lists, current patient and client files, and a three-year non-compete agreement which precludes Hospital Staffing from competing with Interim in the home care business in the geographic areas containing the sold assets.
By saving and storing personal PC settings applications and files directly on their JumpDrive, users can carry pictures, music, documents, presentations or client files with them to any PC and run their own virtual computing environment.
Finally, the authenticating or verifying document or statement may be stored electronically along with electronically stored client files.

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