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WCL supports the integration of existing 5250 and 3270 systems into the client-server model, and extends this by providing a mainframe-based Open Server environment through WCL/ESO (Enterprise Server Option) to allow the mainframe to be turned into a full message-based server.
Client-server model for enhanced scalability with new licensing options
Applying the client-server model to transactional systems allows you to offload from 60% to 80% of your mainframe processing, and place this at the PC Client and LAN levels.
Polyhedra's client-server model, RAM-resident design, built-in fault tolerance and active technology make it the pre-eminent relational database for high-availability embedded systems, and a perfect fit for the OSE real-time operating system.
PDAs will change the way people use their PCs and will change the client-server model into the satellite-hub-server model.
Openmake pricing is based on a client-server model starting at $299 per client and $3,900 per Knowledgebase Server.
The platform will also support Microsoft's Windows NT operating system, when available, in the client-server model in a PC-based network with LAN Manager.
The series is compatible with the new Panasonic Document Distribution Server System (DDS), an option that enables very large-scale document management based on a client-server model.
It also set the final stage of engineering, prototype production and initial roll-out of the company's synchronous subsystems, including the MPA960 and MPA 2 as well as the Token Ring version and client-server model for its Lynxware 3270 emulation software family.
In the client-server model, Nokia Wireless Accelerator client is installed on a laptop running Microsoft Windows(R) operating system.
IBM PS/2 systems are widely used as a platform for downsizing mainframe applications to a client-server model, and in many cases the servers are very high-performance machines," said Gordon Stitt, vice president of marketing for Network Peripherals.
The patent relates to Parlay's client-server model bingo system, which eliminates any potential advantage to players with network connection speeds that are faster than those of other players and ensures that a player with a winning game card will still win even if his or her Internet connection is interrupted during the course of a game.

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