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ISLAMABAD -- Rising global temperatures can badly affect the country's food production system in shape of crop yield losses and reduced growing cycles in the various climatic zones of the country.
Addressing a seminar organised by a group of exporters, they said Pakistan is producing more than 30 varieties of fruits in its different climatic zones, including citrus, mango, date, apple and banana, therefore, the country is best positioned to make optimum of it for the national economy.
To provide weather-based agro advisories to farmers in India is a complex proposition because of variety of climatic zones leading to a variety of cropping patterns.
3m, 25-hectare project will include a glasshouse with five climatic zones, designed by architect Sir Norman Foster.
We now wonder whether we may have to learn to live in new climatic zones, and whether desertification will eventually come to our gain belt and farmlands.
The company also plans to conduct additional stability studies of Truvada in Climatic Zones III and IV, or hot and humid climates.
The location of Pakistan is in arid and semi-arid climatic zones.
Keeping in view the vital role of demonstration in research, PCRWR had established its research and demonstration farms in different climatic zones of the country: irrigated, rain fed, desert and mountainous areas and research on use of high efficiency water management/conservation technologies for enhanced agricultural production was conducted and demonstrated on these Farms, for the awareness of the farmers of that area", he added.
These two types of floras are very distinctive and do not mix with each other because of the geological barrier and their separate niches in different climatic zones.
While most RHS plant trials take place at its experimental fields at Wisley, on this occasion they will be staged throughout England, Wales and Scotland to ascertain what climatic zones and soils suit which varieties.
The chapter one gives a brief introduction to ecology definition, important developments, basic concept, branches and major climatic zones of the world.
Some of the more notable changes that have gradually occurred are sea level rise, shifts in climatic zones, changes in precipitation patterns and increases in frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events like droughts, floods and storms.